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Al Capp: Quiz


Question 1: During the ________'s blockade of West Berlin in 1948, the commanders of the Berlin airlift had cabled Capp, requesting inflatable shmoos as part of "Operation: Little Vittles".
RussiaEast GermanySoviet UnionJoseph Stalin

Question 2: He was a ________ during the conservative 1950s, only to switch to conservative during the liberal, hippie-era 1960s.
LiberalismClassical liberalismDemocracyIsaiah Berlin

Question 3: Capp has been compared, at various times, to Mark Twain, ________, Jonathan Swift, Lawrence Sterne and Rabelais.
Crime and PunishmentRussiaFyodor DostoyevskyThe Brothers Karamazov

Question 4: At its peak, Li'l Abner was read daily by 70 million Americans (the ________ at the time was only 180 million), with adult readers far outnumbering children.
United StatesNew JerseyDemographics of the United StatesImmigration to the United States

Question 5: He based his cast of characters on the authentic mountain-dwellers he met while hitchhiking through rural ________ and the Cumberland Valley as a teenager.
MassachusettsNew JerseyKentuckyWest Virginia

Question 6: Just about anything could be a target for Capp's satire - in one storyline Li'l Abner is revealed to be the ________ between ape and man.
CladisticsCharles DarwinEvolutionTransitional fossil

Question 7: Capp's studio provided special artwork for various civic groups and ________ as well.
Non-profit organizationFoundation (non-profit)Charitable organizationCharity shop

Question 8: Perhaps Capp's most popular creations were the ________, creatures whose incredible usefulness and generous nature made them a threat to civilization as we know it.
The Flintstone KidsThe FlintstonesLi'l AbnerShmoo

Question 9: The ________ (NCS) convened an ethics hearing, and Fisher was expelled for the forgery from the same organization that he had helped found; Fisher's scheme had backfired in spectacular fashion.
The Family CircusLi'l AbnerAl CappNational Cartoonists Society

Question 10: This character, along with the Shmoos, helped cement Capp's favor with the Left, and would increase their outrage a decade later when Capp, a former ________ liberal, switched targets.
Harry S. TrumanFranklin D. RooseveltJohn F. KennedyLyndon B. Johnson

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