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Al-Musta'sim: Quiz


Question 1: In 1258 the Abbasid domain, comprising of a little more than what is now Iraq and Syria, was invaded by the Mongols under ________, the grandson of Genghis Khan.
Mongol EmpireFranco-Mongol allianceKublai KhanHulagu Khan

Question 2: Baghdad was sacked on February 10, and the caliph was massacred by ________ soon afterwards.
Mongol EmpireFranco-Mongol allianceHulagu KhanKublai Khan

Question 3: After the Ottomans conquered Egypt in 1517, the Abbasid Caliph of Egypt, Al-Mutawakkil III was transported to Constantinople, and Sultan Selim I announced himself to be a ________.
Muslim historyIslamCaliphCaliphate

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