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Al-Maqrizi: Quiz


Question 1: Al-Maqrizi was born in ________ and spent most of his life in Egypt, where he was trained in the Hanifite school of law; however, he later became a Shafi'ite with an inclination to Zahirite views.

Question 2: Three autograph volumes exist in manuscript in ________, and one in Paris.
The HagueDelftRotterdamLeiden

Question 3: In 1408, he went to ________ to become inspector of the Qalanisryya and lecturer.

Question 4: Maqrizi began a large work called the Muqaffa, an ________ of Egyptian biography in alphabetic order.
Natural History (Pliny)Encyclopædia BritannicaDictionaryEncyclopedia

Question 5: Although he was "a Mamluk-era historian and himself a Sunni, he is remarkable in this context for his unusually keen interest in the Ismaili ________ and its role in Egyptian history."[1]
Fatimid CaliphateAbbasid CaliphateRashidun CaliphateUmayyad Caliphate

Question 6: Al-Maqrizi confessed to his contemporaries that he believed that he was related to the Fatimids through the son of ________ al-Muizz.
TwelverImamah (Shi'a doctrine)Imamah (Shi'a Twelver doctrine)Imam

Question 7: In 1385, he went on the Islamic pilgrimage, the ________.


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