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Question 1: Under the orders of the Great Umayyad Caliph ________, Tariq ibn-Ziyad led a small force that landed at Gibraltar on April 30, 711.
Umayyad CaliphateAl-Walid IAbd al-MalikAl-Andalus

Question 2:
What is the area code of Granada?
+34, +
+34 986 66
+34 982

Question 3: In the late 11th century, al-Zarqali (Latinized as Arzachel) discovered that the orbits of the ________ are elliptic orbits and not circular orbits,[54] though he still followed the Ptolemaic model.
PlanetMercury (planet)JupiterSolar System

Question 4:
What is Almoravid dynasty's current status?
State of the Holy Roman Empire
Sweden as Vassal of Holy Roman Empire
Possibly vassals of Kushan Empire

Question 5: This marked the beginning of the Andalusian school's ________ against Ptolemaic astronomy, otherwise known as the "Andalusian Revolt".
Karl MarxRevolutionPolitical philosophyAnarchism

Question 6: Another influential Andalusian philosopher who had a significant influence on modern philosophy was ________.
Ibn TufailAverroesEarly Islamic philosophyAvicennism

Question 7: With the fall of Islamic Spain in 1492, the scientific and technological initiative of the Islamic world was inherited by Europeans and laid the foundations for Europe's ________ and Scientific Revolution.
Western art historyRenaissanceItalian RenaissanceBaroque

Question 8: [42] He also developed the concept of "________".
Existence precedes essenceExistentialismAvicennaEarly Islamic philosophy

Question 9:

Question 10: According to a controversial theory, explorers from Al-Andalus may have travelled to the ________ (see Pre-Columbian Andalusian-Americas contact theories).
Americas (terminology)South AmericaAmericasNorth America


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