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Akita Inu: Quiz


Question 1:
Where does Akita Inu come from?

Question 2: It is sometimes called the Akita-ken based on the Sino-Japanese reading of the same ________.
KanjiRadical 102Radical 51Radical 213

Question 3: To date, the ________ and Canadian Kennel Club, guided by their national breed clubs, consider American and Japanese Akitas to be two types of the same breed, allowing free breeding between the two.
DogWorking Group (dogs)American Kennel ClubConformation show

Question 4: The Matagi's quarry included elk, antelope, boar, and ________.
TigerAsian Black BearBrown BearGolden Jackal

Question 5: ________, as a breed, Akitas have abnormally high blood potassium concentrations compared to other breeds.
HypokalemiaHyperkalemiaRenal tubular acidosisDiabetic ketoacidosis

Question 6: The Akita Inu (秋田犬?) is a breed of large dog originating in Japan, named for ________, where it is thought to have originated.
HokkaidōMiyagi PrefectureAkita PrefectureNiigata Prefecture

Question 7: ________, which causes the immune system to attack the dog's skin (leading to pustules)
PsoriasisPemphigusSystemic lupus erythematosusDermatitis herpetiformis

Question 8: It is considered a separate breed from the ________ in most countries (with the exception of the American and Canadian Kennel Clubs) as requested by the Japanese Kennel Club.
Shiba InuAkita InuJapanese SpitzAmerican Akita

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