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Akhirah: Quiz


Question 1: Therefore, according to the Islamic beliefs, ________ will play the role of the qadi, weighing the deeds of each individual.

Question 2: Part of a series on the Islamic creed:
Mu'taziliIslamic theologyIslamophobiaShia Islam

Question 3: Walāyah - Guardianship
Ṭawhid - Oneness of God
Ṣalāt - Prayers
Zakāh - Purifying religious dues
Ṣawm - Fasting during Ramadan
________ - Pilgrimage to Mecca
Jihad - Struggle

Question 4: He will decide whether that person's akhirah lies in Jahannam (hell) or ________ (heaven).
End timeJannahMasih ad-DajjalIslamic eschatology

Question 5: Akhirah (Arabic: الآخرة‎) is an ________ referring to the afterlife.
MosqueGlossary of IslamShariaShia Islam

Question 6: [2] This belief has been previously referred to as the Islamic ________.
End timeApocalypseEschatologyLast Judgment

Question 7: [1] It is repeatedly referenced in chapters of the Qur'an concerning Yaum al Qiyamah, the ________ Day of Judgment, an important part of Islamic eschatology.
IslamIslamic schools and branchesMosqueMuslim history

Question 8: Shahādah - Profession of faith
Ṣalāt - Prayers
Ṣawm - Fasting during Ramadan
Zakāh - Paying of alms (giving to the poor)
________ - Pilgrimage to Mecca


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