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Akhenaten: Quiz


Question 1:

Question 2: The governors and kings of Egypt's subject domains also wrote frequently to plead for ________ from Pharaoh, and also complained of being snubbed and cheated by him.

Question 3: Much of the art and building infrastructure created during Akhenaten's reign was defaced or destroyed in the period following his death, particularly during the reigns of ________ and the early Nineteenth Dynasty kings.
HoremhebSeti IAmenhotep IITutankhamun

Question 4:
How is Akhenaten described?
Australian actor and comedian
American football player
Egyptian Pharaoh
Chief of British Naval Intelligence for the Mediterranean, 1913-1919

Question 5:
Who is the father of Akhenaten?

Question 6: Akhenaten remains an interesting figure, as does his Queen, ________.
Amenhotep IIINefertitiTutankhamunAnkhesenamun

Question 7:
When was the reign of Akhenaten?
1298 - 1325
1713 - 1740
1351– 1334 BC

Question 8: Spelled 'Akenhaten', he appears as a major character in the first of a trilogy of historical novels by ________, "An Evil Spirit out of the West".
AnubisPaul C. DohertyEnglandHorus

Question 9:
When did Akhenaten die?
1336 BC or 1334 BC

Question 10:
Who of the following was a predecessor of Akhenaten?

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