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Question 1: Sometimes the lions were depicted as being covered with leopard-like spots, leading some to think it a depiction of the extinct ________, which, unlike African species, had a spotted coat.
Asiatic LionBarbary LeopardBarbary LionCape Lion

Question 2: Also, as all who had died had to pass Aker, it was said that Aker annulled the causes of death, such as extracting the poison from any snakes that had bitten the deceased, or from any ________ that had stung them.

Question 3: In ________, Aker (also spelt Akar) was one of the earliest gods worshipped, and was the deification of the horizon.
Ancient Egyptian religionPrehistoric religionReligionSyncretism

Question 4: Since the sun reaches its peak (its solstice) in the zodiac of Leo, these heads were usually those of ________.
CheetahSpotted HyenaTigerLion

Question 5: In particular, the Pyramid texts make a sinister statement that the Akeru (plural of Aker) will not seize the ________, as if this were something that might have happened, and was something of which to be afraid.
Amenhotep IIIPharaohAhmose IHatshepsut


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