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Akbar Khan: Quiz


Question 1: He was active in the ________, which lasted from 1839 to 1842.
Third Anglo-Afghan WarFirst Anglo-Afghan WarAfghanistanSecond Anglo-Afghan War

Question 2: The historical figure of Akbar Khan plays a major role in ________'s novel Flashman.
Harry Paget FlashmanGeorge MacDonald FraserFlashman at the ChargeRoyal Flash

Question 3: He is prominent for his leadership of the national party in Kabul from 1841 to 1842, and his pursuit of the retreating British army from Kabul to Gandamak near ________ in 1842.

Question 4: It was claimed in at least one set of British war memoirs that, during the retreat, Akbar Khan could be heard alternately commanding his men, in Persian language to desist from, and in ________ to continue, firing.
Balochi languageUrduPashto languagePunjabi language

Question 5: He is also known for killing legendary Sikh leader Hari Singh Nalwa in the 1837 Battle of Jamrud whilst trying to get back the city of ________ for the Afghans from the invading Sikh army.


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