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Akbar Bugti: Quiz


Question 1: The next day, the Federal Government appointed Bugti as the Governor of Balochistan, and the ________ was deployed in the province as part of a crackdown on the National Awami Party.
Pakistan ArmyFrontier Force RegimentPakistan NavyPakistan Air Force

Question 2: There was a lull in his activities when ________ Rahimuddin Khan was appointed Governor of Balochistan in 1978.
General officerMilitary rankSecond LieutenantBrigadier General

Question 3: He was born in Barkhan the rural home of the rustic ________ a ( Marri-Bugti ) Baloch tribe to which his mother belonged and now an upgraded district of Balochistan, on July 12, 1927.
Punjab (Pakistan)KhetranBaloch peopleBalochistan (Pakistan)

Question 4: His government frequently disagreed with the Federal Government led by the Prime Minister ________ (Pakistan Peoples Party).
Zulfikar Ali BhuttoNawaz SharifBenazir BhuttoPervez Musharraf

Question 5: In recent years, he was accused by the Pakistani government of being a warlord and running a well-organized militia, sometimes thought to be the shadowy ________ (BLA) with members numbering in the thousands.
Prince Karim KhanBalochistan (Pakistan)Balochistan Liberation ArmyBalochistan conflict

Question 6: His family, who wanted a public funeral in ________, did not attend the burial, they protested against his body being locked in the coffin .

Question 7: While campaigning from the mountain ranges of Dera Bugti, he was, according to the Pakistani government, directing a “Omar Mukhtar, Fidel Castro and ________” style guerrilla war.
Che GuevaraGuevarismGuerrillero HeroicoChe (film)

Question 8: On Saturday August 26, 2006, around 2230 hrs (PST), Bugti was killed when a shell exploded in the ________ in which he was hiding.
Karst topographyCavingShow caveCave

Question 9: In a recent article the Pakistani Journalist ________ said that the last time that he talked to Nawab Bugti, he was in the mountains and had called Mir from his satellite phone.
Al-QaedaAfghanistanBenazir BhuttoHamid Mir

Question 10: He received his early education from ________ and claimed to be educated at Oxford University.
Umar Bin Muhammad DaudpotaMaulana deen Muhammad WafaiAllama Imdad Ali Imam Ali KaziMirza Kalich Baig


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