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Question 1: This article incorporates text from the Encyclopædia Britannica, Eleventh Edition, a publication now in the ________.
Copyright infringementPublic domainIntellectual propertyCopyright

Question 2: Ajax then became an Attic hero; he was worshipped at ________, where he had a statue in the market-place, and the tribe Aiantis was named after him.

Question 3: Many illustrious Athenians, including Cimon, Miltiades, ________ and the historian Thucydides, traced their descent from Ajax.

Question 4: He was trained by the centaur ________ (who had trained his father, Telamon, and Achilles' father Peleus), at the same time as Achilles.
HeraclesChironApolloGreek mythology

Question 5: Apart from Achilles, Ajax is the most valuable warrior in ________'s army (along with Diomedes), though he is not as cunning as Nestor, Diomedes, Idomeneus, or Odysseus.
MenelausHelenAgamemnonAjax (mythology)

Question 6: This account of his death is from the play, Ajax (Sophocles); in Pindar's Nemeans, 7, 8; Isthmian 4; and in ________'s Metamorphoses, 13.1.
Roman RepublicRoman EmpireHeroidesOvid

Question 7: Like Achilles, he is represented (although not by Homer) as living after his death in the island of Leuke at the mouth of the ________ (Pausanias 3.19.11).

Question 8: Ajax is the son of Telamon, who was the son of Aeacus and grandson of ________, and his first wife Periboea.
CronusZeusGreek mythologyApollo

Question 9: In Book 15, Hector is restored to his strength by ________ and returns to attack the ships.
ApolloHeraArtemisGreek mythology

Question 10: He is the cousin of ________, the most remembered Greek warrior, and elder half-brother of Teucer.


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