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Question 1: Hoshina Masayuki, the adopted head of the family, rose in prominence while his half-brother ________ was shogun, and later acted as a regent for his successor, the underage fourth shogun Tokugawa Ietsuna.
Tokugawa TsunayoshiTokugawa IeyasuTokugawa IemitsuTokugawa Hidetada

Question 2: During the ________, Aizu was a feudal domain known as Aizu Domain (会津藩 Aizu-han ?) and part of Mutsu Province.
Tokugawa shogunateEdo periodTokugawa YoshinobuBakumatsu

Question 3: Matsudaira Isao (松平勇雄) (1907 – 2006), grandson of Katamori, politician, governor of ________ (1976-1988).
Miyagi PrefectureFukushima PrefectureNiigata PrefectureIwate Prefecture

Question 4: The daimyo over much of the ________ was from the Hoshina family.
Tokugawa YoshinobuEdo periodTokugawa shogunateBakumatsu

Question 5: ________ 1598-1601 (Tozama; 1,200,000 koku)
Sengoku periodUesugi clanUesugi KenshinUesugi Kagekatsu

Question 6: Aizu (会津 Aizu ?) is an area comprising the westernmost third of ________ in Japan.
Fukushima PrefectureNiigata PrefectureMiyagi PrefectureIwate Prefecture

Question 7: It was often deployed to security operations on the northern fringes of the country, as far north as southern ________.
IturupSakhalinKuril IslandsHokkaidō


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