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Question 1: ________ in the airways help promote prophylaxis and prevent infection and contamination, by engulfing bacteria and other inhaled particles.
White blood cellMacrophageMonocytePhagocyte

Question 2: The main bronchi then branch into large bronchioles, one for each lobe of the ________.
LungRespiratory systemImmune systemDigestion

Question 3: Inhaled particles adhere to ________ secreted by goblet cells, which is continuously driven outwards by the cilia.
InfluenzaMucusRespiratory systemLung

Question 4: The epithelial surfaces of the airway contain ________.

Question 5:
The pulmonary airway comprises those parts of the ________ through which air flows, conceptually beginning (on inhalation from the external environment) at the nose and mouth, and terminating in the alveoli.
AsthmaHuman pharynxRespiratory diseaseRespiratory system

Question 6: The production of this fluid is impaired by the disease ________.
Malignant hyperthermiaPneumoniaCystic fibrosisCoeliac disease

Question 7: From the mouth or nose, inhaled air passes through the pharynx into the trachea, where it separates into the left and right main bronchi at the carina, situated at the level of the second thoracic ________.
VertebraCervical vertebraeLumbar vertebraeVertebral column

Question 8: Airway devices are used to assist in ________.
Bag valve maskIntubationEpinephrineCardiopulmonary resuscitation


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