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Question 1: The airspeed indicator is especially important for monitoring ________ while operating an aircraft.
V speedsGlobal Positioning SystemAltimeterPitot-static system

Question 2: VS1 is the stall speed with flaps and ________ retracted.
UndercarriageWingtip deviceAircraft flight control systemGlass cockpit

Question 3: The airspeed indicator is also used in dead reckoning, where time, speed, and bearing are used for navigation in the absence of aids such as NDBs, VORs or ________.
Global Positioning SystemCompassInertial navigation systemF-15 Eagle

Question 4: Jet aircraft do not have VNO and VNE like piston-engined aircraft, but instead have a maximum operating IAS, VMO and maximum ________, MMO.
Reynolds numberKnudsen numberMach numberFluid dynamics

Question 5: Airspeed indicators work by measuring the difference between ________, captured through one or more static ports; and stagnation pressure due to "ram air", captured through a pitot tube.
Fluid dynamicsPitot-static systemStatic pressureBernoulli's principle

Question 6: An alternative single instrument is the "maximum allowable airspeed indicator." It has a movable pointer that indicates the never-exceed speed, which changes with altitude to avoid the onset of transonic ________ on the wing.
Shock waveExplosive materialSunMoving shock

Question 7: Along with the altimeter and vertical speed indicator, the airspeed indicator is a member of the ________ of aviation instruments, so named because they operate by measuring pressure in the pitot and static circuits.
Pitot-static systemAir data computerCompassGlobal Positioning System

Question 8: The airspeed indicator or airspeed gauge is an instrument used in an ________ to display the craft's airspeed, typically in knots, to the pilot.
AircraftDouble-deck aircraftWide-body aircraftBusiness jet


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