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Airedale Terrier: Quiz


Question 1: The Airedale "Kitty" belonged to Colonel ________, the real-estate mogul.
Titanic (1997 film)John Jacob Astor IVAstor familyRMS Titanic

Question 2: They have no problem working with ________ and livestock.
Wild boarCattleDeerWater Buffalo

Question 3: After the First World War, the Airedales' popularity rapidly increased thanks to stories of their bravery on the battlefield and also because Presidents Theodore Roosevelt, ________, and Warren Harding owned Airedales.
Herbert HooverWilliam ClaflinGerald FordCalvin Coolidge

Question 4:
What is Airedale Terrier's nickname?
King of Terriers
El Emperador
"The Spanish Fly"

Question 5: The Airedale can be used as a working dog and also as a ________.
English Springer SpanielEnglish SetterGun dogHunting dog

Question 6: Gastric torsion, or ________, affects Airedale Terriers.
Shock (circulatory)StomachSurgeryBloat

Question 7: Although the Airedale often appears on lists of dogs that do not shed (________),[4] this is misleading.
Yorkshire TerrierHypoallergenic dog breedMiniature SchnauzerMoulting

Question 8: The Airedale was extensively used in ________ to carry messages to soldiers behind enemy lines and transport mail.
World War ICaucasus CampaignArmenian GenocideWestern Front (World War I)

Question 9: Carter was the owner of the ________ automobile in which Jack and Rose trysted in the movie "Titanic".
Dacia LoganRenaultRenault MéganeRenault Clio

Question 10: A terrier was judged on its ability to locate a "live" hole in the riverbank and then, after the rat was driven from its hole by a ________ brought along for that purpose, the terrier would pursue the rat through water until it could make a kill.

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