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Question 1: A model aircraft is a small unmanned type made to fly for fun, for static display, for aerodynamic research (cf ________) or for other purposes.
Knudsen numberFluid dynamicsReynolds numberStrouhal number

Question 2: Similarly, ________ stands for short take off and landing.
Cessna 182Cessna 150STOLCessna 340

Question 3: The initialism ________ (vertical take off and landing) is applied to aircraft that can take off and land vertically.
TiltrotorAV-8B Harrier IISTOVLVTOL

Question 4: The motorjet was a very early design which used a piston engine in place of the combustion chamber, similar to a ________ piston engine except that the thrust is derived from the turbine instead of the crankshaft.
CarburetorIgnition systemTurbochargerSupercharger

Question 5: They are characterized by one or more large gasbags or canopies, filled with a relatively low density gas such as ________, hydrogen or hot air, which is less dense than the surrounding air.

Question 6: Tiltrotor aircraft (such as the ________) have their rotors horizontal for vertical flight, and pivot the rotors vertically like a propeller for forward flight.
Bell XV-3Bell XV-15V-22 OspreyBell 206

Question 7: An aircraft is a vehicle which is able to fly by being supported by the ________, or in general, the atmosphere of a planet.
NatureEarthAtmosphere of EarthHistory of the Earth

Question 8: Some examples of both ________ and float planes are amphibious, being able to take off from and alight on both land and water.
Short SunderlandShort BrothersFlying boatCurtiss Model H

Question 9: Use of a turbine is not absolutely necessary: other designs include the crude pulse jet, high-speed ________ and the still-experimental supersonic-combustion ramjet or scramjet.
TurbopropRamjetAircraft engineTurbofan

Question 10: Small hot air balloons called sky lanterns date back to the 3rd century BC, and were only the second type of aircraft to fly, the first being ________.
Power kiteKite applicationsSkySailsKite

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