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Airbus A300: Quiz


Question 1:
What type is thing is Airbus A300?
Civil airliner & military transport
10-Passenger Airliner
Widebody airliner

Question 2:
Which of the following are related to Airbus A300?
* Airbus A310n* Airbus A330n* Airbus A340n* Airbus Beluga
* Boeing F2Bn* Boeing F4B
Ace of Cakes
Ready Steady Cook

Question 3:
What company manufactures Airbus A300?

Question 4:
What is Airbus A300's current status?
Active as production unit
Active service with Indian Navy
Active service: 20 aircraft
Out of production, in active service

Question 5: carrier ________ leased four A300s as an in-service trial.
Continental AirlinesEastern Air LinesUS AirwaysAmerican Airlines

Question 6: What does the following picture show?

  An EgyptAir A300-600R landing at Düsseldorf International Airport, Germany. (2003)
  Airbus A300 fuselage cross-section, showing the passenger compartment above and the baggage area below. On display in the Deutsches Museum in Munich, Germany.
  An Islandsflug Cargo A300C4-605R at Madrid Barajas Airport, Spain. (2006)
  This A300B1 was the second A300 ever built and one of the first to enter service with an airline in late 1974. It had been used as a fire brigade training structure at Brussels Airport since 1990 and was destroyed on 9 July 2003.

Question 7: Japan Air System (later merged in ________) took delivery of the last new-built passenger A300, an A300-622R, in November 2002.
Japan AirlinesCathay PacificJALwaysAll Nippon Airways

Question 8: Launched in 1972 as the world's first twin-engined widebody, it was the first product of the ________ consortium of European aerospace companies, wholly owned today by EADS.
Airbus A380AirbusAirbus A350Airbus A320 family

Question 9: In 1982 ________ became the first airline to fly the A300B4-200FF.
Philippine AirlinesAir FranceGaruda IndonesiaCathay Pacific

Question 10: 26 April 1994: ________ Flight 140 (Republic of China) crashed at the end of runway at Nagoya, Japan, killing all 15 crew and 249 of 264 passengers on board.
EVA AirChina AirlinesJapan AirlinesCathay Pacific


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