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Question 1: Operation Giant II was a planned drop of one regiment of the 82nd Airborne Division northwest of ________, to assist four Italian divisions in seizing the Italian capital.

Question 2: The Soviets developed the ________ and BMD-3 fighting vehicles.

Question 3: In all, 3,500 paratroopers made the most concentrated mass night drop in history, providing the model for the ________ in June 1944.
Mission BostonMission AlbanyAmerican airborne landings in NormandyNormandy Landings

Question 4: Operation Meghdoot was the name given to the preemptive strike launched by the ________ to capture most of the Siachen Glacier, in the disputed Kashmir region.
Indian Air ForcePeople's Liberation ArmyIndian NavyIndian Armed Forces

Question 5: The Paratroop unit was instrumental in denying the retreat and regrouping of the ________, and contributed substantially to collapse of Dacca.
Pakistan NavyPakistan ArmyPakistan Air ForceFrontier Force Regiment

Question 6: German paratroopers landed at three airfields near ________, hoping to seize the Dutch government.
RotterdamLeidenSouth HollandThe Hague

Question 7: Although a light infantry force, the paratroops were the recipients of several pieces of specifically-designed equipment, such as the ________ ASU-85 self-propelled gun, and the BMD-1.

Question 8: The use of helicopter-borne airmobile troops by the ________ in Vietnam was widespread, and became an iconic image featuring in newsreels and movies about the conflict.
CanadaAlaskaUnited StatesPhilippines

Question 9: The British glider transported troops and paratroopers of the 6th Airborne Division secured the Eastern flank in ________ of which Pegasus Bridge is the best remembered objective.
Operation OverlordFalaise pocketOperation TongaNormandy Landings

Question 10: However, the losses were so great that ________ forbade their use in such operations in the future.
Adolf HitlerSchutzstaffelNazi PartyNazi Germany

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