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Air traffic control: Quiz


Question 1: In ________, Air Traffic Control is provided by NAV CANADA, a private, non-share capital corporation that operates Canada's civil air navigation service.
United KingdomCanadaBarbadosUnited States

Question 2: In 2002 the UK brought a new area control centre into service at Swanwick, in ________, relieving a busy suburban centre at West Drayton in Middlesex, north of London Heathrow Airport.

Question 3: A contract tower is an Airport Traffic Control Tower (ATCT) that performs the same function as an FAA-run ATCT but is staffed by employees of a private company (Martin State Airport in ________ is an example).

Question 4: Virtual Air Traffic Simulation Network (________)
Virtual Air Traffic Simulation NetworkInternational Virtual Aviation OrganisationAir traffic

Question 5: In Area Control Centers, a major weather problem is ________, which present a variety of hazards to aircraft.
Severe weatherPrecipitation (meteorology)MeteorologyThunderstorm

Question 6: Tests are underway to design new ________ displays that will allow pilots to better control their aircraft by combining as many as 32 types of information about traffic, weather, and hazards.
CockpitAircraft flight control systemAutopilotGlass cockpit

Question 7: The revised ________ program continued under various project names.
Sociocultural evolutionModernizationSociologyTalcott Parsons

Question 8: Due to the larger number of new airlines after deregulation ________ established the 3-letter callsigns as mentioned above.
AirportOneworldAir traffic controlInternational Civil Aviation Organization

Question 9: Each landing aircraft must touch down, slow, and exit the ________ before the next crosses the beginning of the runway.
AirportAir safetyRunwayUnited States

Question 10: Before around 1980 International Air Transport Association (IATA) and ________ were using the same 2-letter callsigns.
Air traffic controlOneworldInternational Civil Aviation OrganizationAirport

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