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Air Force blue: Quiz


Question 1: Air Force blue is a medium shade of the ________ azure.
GreenPurpleColorPrimary color

Question 2: Other air forces of other nations of the Commonwealth, such as the ________, or other air forces of other nations that are not in the Commonwealth, use a wide variety of brighter or darker shades of Air Force blue that may differ markedly from the colour shown above.
Research and Analysis WingLok SabhaIndian Air ForceIndian Peace Keeping Force

Question 3: This shade gets its name from the medium bluish-gray colour which is associated with the ________ and other air forces which use the colour to mark out their particular service identity.
Royal Air ForceLuftwaffeBritish Armed ForcesBritish Army

Question 4: The ________ Ensign is "NATO stock no.8305-99-130-4578, Pantone 549C".
Royal Air ForceLuftwaffeBritish ArmyBritish Armed Forces


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