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Question 1: Air Chief Marshal (Air Chf Mshl or ACM) is a senior air officer rank which originated in and continues to be used by the ________ (RAF).
British ArmyRoyal Air ForceBritish Armed ForcesLuftwaffe

Question 2: It is also maintained as a rank in the ________, Ghana Air Force and Royal New Zealand Air Force but not all of these air forces have ever actually used it.
A. K. KhandkerBangladesh ArmyBangladesh Liberation WarBangladesh Air Force

Question 3: A similar situation also exists in the ________ as the honorary promotion of Arjan Singh to Marshal of the Indian Air Force in 2002 resulted in Indian Air Chief Marshals no longer being the most senior IAF officers.
Lok SabhaIndian Peace Keeping ForceResearch and Analysis WingIndian Air Force

Question 4: Air Chief Marshal is a 4 star rank and has a ________ ranking code of OF-9.
Non-Aligned MovementAfghanistanNATOCentral Intelligence Agency

Question 5: ________ (Thai: Phon Akat Ek)
Royal Thai ArmyRoyal Thai Armed ForcesRoyal Thai Air ForceRoyal Thai Navy

Question 6: The rank of Air Chief Marshal is immediately senior to the rank of Air Marshal but subordinate to Marshal of the Royal Air Force (or other national equivalent - see ________).
Second LieutenantAir CommodoreGeneral officerMarshal of the Air Force

Question 7: Throughout the history of the RAF, in excess of 130 RAF officers have held the rank and it also been awarded in an honorary capacity to senior members of the ________ and allied foreign monarchs.
British monarchs' family treeAnne, Princess RoyalBritish princessBritish Royal Family

Question 8: An Air Chief Marshal is equivalent to a "full" Admiral or a "full" ________ in the United States.
General officerSecond LieutenantMilitary rankBrigadier General

Question 9: Officers have served in the rank of Air Chief Marshal in the Indian Air Force, Nigerian Air Force,[3] Pakistan Air Force, Royal Australian Air Force, Sri Lanka Air Force and the ________.
JF-17 ThunderChengdu J-7Hongdu JL-8Air Force of Zimbabwe

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