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Ahmed Sanjar: Quiz


Question 1: [1] Over the next several years Ahmed Sanjar became the ruler of most of Persia with his capital at ________.
Razavi Khorasan ProvinceIranSamarkandNishapur

Question 2: [6] He died the following year and was buried at ________, where his tomb was destroyed by the Mongols during their invasion of the Khwarezmian Empire.

Question 3: Ahmad Sanjar (Mu'iz ud-Dīn Ahmad-e Sanjar (Turkish: Sultan Sancar also Ahmed Sindjar)) (1085 – May 8, 1157) was the sultan of the ________ from 1118 to 1153.
GhaznavidsTimurid dynastyGreat Seljuq EmpireSafavid dynasty

Question 4: ________ from Khuttal and Tukharistan captured Ahmed Sanjar in 1153 and held him until 1156.
Turkish languageOghuz TurksTurkeyTurkish people


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