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Ahmad ibn Ibrihim al-Ghazi: Quiz


Question 1: On reaching ________, he destroyed the Church of Our Lady Mary of Zion, in which the Ethiopian emperors had for centuries been crowned.
HararGondarAddis AbabaAxum

Question 2: ________ referred to him in his memoirs.
Haile Selassie I of EthiopiaWinston ChurchillDwight D. EisenhowerMuammar al-Gaddafi

Question 3: The Muslim army of Imam Ahmad then marched northward to loot the island monastery of Lake Hayq and the stone churches of ________.
Awash RiverHararLalibela, EthiopiaAxum

Question 4: 1507 - February 21, 1543[1]) ("the Conqueror"[2]) was an Imam and ________ of Adal who invaded Ethiopia and defeated several Ethiopian emperors, wreaking much damage on that kingdom.
General officerSecond LieutenantMilitary rankBrigadier General

Question 5: However, the onset of the ________ prevented da Gama from engaging Ahmad a third time.
WeatherPrecipitation (meteorology)Severe weatherWet season

Question 6: While Imam Ahmad has traditionally sometimes been interpreted as being an ________ in Ethiopia,[4] he is most often identified by scholars and historical sources as an ethnic Somali.
IraqSyriaPalestinian peopleArab people

Question 7: The Ethiopians were forced to ask for help from the Portuguese, who landed at the port of ________ on February 10, 1541, during the reign of the emperor Gelawdewos.
East African Campaign (World War II)EritreaAsmaraMassawa


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