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Question 1: By playing the Europeans and ________ against one another al-Mansur excelled in the art of balance of power diplomacy.
TurkeyTurkish peopleOttoman EmpireIstanbul

Question 2: To do that ________ had to control sizable gold resources of its own.
MoroccoUnited Arab EmiratesSaudi ArabiaJordan

Question 3: He was the third son of Mohammed ash-Sheikh who became sultan of ________.
Saudi ArabiaMoroccoJordanUnited Arab Emirates

Question 4: Ahmad al-Mansur died of the plague in 1603 and was succeeded by Zidan Abu Maali, who was based in Marrakech, and by Abou Fares Abdallah, who was based in ________ and had only local power.

Question 5: The Songhai Empire, was a pre-colonial African state centered in eastern ________.
NigerBurkina FasoMaliCôte d'Ivoire

Question 6: Though the Songhai met them at the Battle of Tondibi with a force of 40,000, they lacked the maghrebian's ________ weapons and quickly fled.
GunpowderCannonEarly Modern warfareEngland

Question 7: Ahmad advanced, sacking the Songhai cities of Timbuktu and Djenné, as well as the capital ________.

Question 8: Ahmad al-Mansur developed friendly relations with England in view of an ________.
MoroccoMarinid dynastyAnglo-Moroccan allianceAlmohad dynasty

Question 9: Shortly after, he began construction on the great architectural symbol of this new birth of Moroccan power and relevance; the grand palace in ________ called Al Badi, or “the marvelous.”


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