Agung: Quiz

Question 1: In the ________, the kulintang orchestra uses not two but three low-sounding agungs, which serve as accompaniment in Tausug, Samal and Yakan ensembles.
Moro peopleSulu ArchipelagoPhilippinesJolo

Question 2: The agung is also ubiquitous among other groups found in Palawan, Mindoro, ________, Sabah, Sulawesi, Sarawak and Kalimantan as an integral part of the agung orchestra.
MindanaoAutonomous Region in Muslim MindanaoPhilippinesManila

Question 3: The agung is a set of two wide-rimmed, vertically-suspended gongs used by the Maguindanao, Maranao and Tausug people of the ________ as a supportive instrument in kulintang ensembles.
PhilippinesEast TimorUnited StatesPapua New Guinea

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