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Agrippa I: Quiz


Question 1: However, it must be noted that "Herod" was the name of Agrippa's brother, King of Chalcis and High Priest of ________, so the king described in the Bible may as well be an amalgam of several different royals.

Question 2: This article incorporates text from Easton's Bible Dictionary (1897), a publication now in the ________.
Public domainCopyright infringementIntellectual propertyCopyright

Question 3: This article incorporates text from the Encyclopædia Britannica, Eleventh Edition, a publication now in the ________.
Copyright infringementPublic domainCopyrightIntellectual property

Question 4: In 39 AD, Agrippa returned to Rome, and brought about the banishment of his uncle, Herod Antipas, whose tetrarchy over ________ and Peraea he then was granted.
GalileeTiberiasBeit She'anNazareth

Question 5: This article incorporates text from the ________ Dictionary of Greek and Roman Biography and Mythology by William Smith (1870).
Public domainIntellectual propertyCopyright infringementCopyright

Question 6: "King Herod", mentioned in the Bible's ________,[8] is often identified as the same person as King Agrippa I.
New TestamentGospelActs of the ApostlesAuthors of the Bible

Question 7: He expressed similar magnanimity in Sebaste, Heliopolis and ________.
CaesareaEin HodMa'agan MichaelHof HaCarmel Regional Council

Question 8: [5] Acts 12 relates simply that he was eaten by worms (possibly Fournier's gangrene, the same disease that may have killed his grandfather ________).
Biblical MagiSaint JosephJesusHerod the Great

Question 9: After ________ in 44, Agrippa went to Caesarea, where he had games performed in honor of Claudius.
PassoverThe Nine DaysJewish holidayShabbat

Question 10: ________ informs us that, after the murder of his father, young Agrippa was sent by Herod the Great to the imperial court in Rome.
JosephusFirst Jewish–Roman WarJesusTitus


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