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Agriculture in ancient Greece: Quiz


Question 1: During the early part of Greek history, as shown in the ________, Greek agriculture - and diet - was based on cereals sitos) usually translated as wheat, could in fact designate any type of cereal grain.

Question 2: In ________, the reforms of Lycurgus led to a drastic redistribution of land, with 10 to 18 hectare lots (kleroi) distributed to each citizen.
Ancient GreeceClassical AthensSpartaAncient Greek warfare

Question 3: ________ was also used for tools used for hunting, farming, and weaponry.

Question 4: Before the ________, it is certain that the land belonged to great landowners, such as the Attican Eupatrides.
6th century BC7th century BC4th century BC5th century BC

Question 5: The Clouds, a comedy by ________, amply illustrates the equestrian snobbery of Athenian aristocrats: Pheidippides, the son of the hero is addicted to race-horses and so ruins his father Strepsiades.
EuripidesAncient GreeceAristophanesSophocles

Question 6: The great Greek forests located in the highlands were denuded by goats and ________ production; it was not long before it had to be imported especially for ship production (see trireme).
Blast furnacePyrolysisCharcoalCarbon

Question 7: These core crops were augmented by vegetable gardens (cabbage, onion, garlic, lentils, chick pea, beans) and orchards (fig, ________, pomegranate).
AlmondOlive oilSoybeanButter

Question 8: Grapes have been grown since the ________.
Deverel-Rimbury cultureBronze AgeBronze Age BritainAncient Near East

Question 9: ________ and sheep quickly became the most common livestock; less difficult to raise and providers of meat, wool, and milk (usually in the form of cheese).
GoatCattleDomestic sheepButter

Question 10: This can probably be explained by population growth brought on by reduced infant mortality, and aggravated by the practice of equally subdividing land amongst several inheritors each generation (attested to by both Homer and ________).
DemosthenesAncient GreeceAnaximanderHesiod


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