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Question 1: Receptors can be activated or inactivated either by endogenous (such as ________ and neurotransmitters) or exogenous (such as drugs) agonists and antagonists, resulting in stimulating or inhibiting a biological response.
Endocrine systemHormoneTestosteroneProgesterone

Question 2: Partial agonists (such as buspirone, ________, buprenorphine, or norclozapine) also bind and activate a given receptor, but have only partial efficacy at the receptor relative to a full agonist.

Question 3: For example, the endogenous agonist for serotonin receptors is serotonin, and the endogenous agonist for dopamine receptors is ________.

Question 4: Another example is morphine, which mimics the actions of endorphins at μ-opioid receptors throughout the ________.
NeuronCentral nervous systemGrey matterWhite matter

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