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Agni Purana: Quiz


Question 1: The subject of the chapters 377-380 is the philosophy of Vedanta and the knowledge of ________.

Question 2: Next seven chapters (5-11) are the summaries of the seven Kandas of the ________.
HanumanRamayanaSitaSundara Kanda

Question 3: Chapters 17-20 describe the five essential characteristics of a ________.
PuranasAgni PuranaBhagavata PuranaBhavishya Purana

Question 4: Chapter 16 describes ________ and Kalki as the avataras of Vishnu.
BuddhismGautama BuddhaAshoka the GreatBuddhism and Hinduism

Question 5: It also has details account about Rama, ________, Prithvi, and the stars.
VyasaKrishnaBhagavad GitaBalarama

Question 6: After the customary opening (chapter 1), the text describes the ten avataras of ________ in details.
VishnuRamaVishnu sahasranamaKrishna

Question 7: Chapters 372-376 deal with both the Raja Yoga and ________.
Hatha yogaJnana yogaKarma YogaSamadhi

Question 8: Chapters 118-120 describe the ________ concepts on the geography of India and the other parts of the world and also the Puranic perceptions about the distances between various regions of the world.
Bhavishya PuranaPuranasAgni PuranaBhagavata Purana

Question 9: The subject of chapter 71 is the worship of ________.

Question 10: Chapter 106 discusses about ________ related to the cities.
IndraVastu ShastraCardinal directionAgni


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