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Question 1: Hemagglutination is when the particles involved are ________.
HematologyPlateletRed blood cellBlood plasma

Question 2: French physician Fernand Widal (1862-1929) put Gruber and Durham's discovery to practical use later in 1896, using the reaction as the basis for a test for ________.
Plague (disease)CholeraTyphoid feverCampylobacteriosis

Question 3: Leukoagglutination is when the particles involved are ________.
Eosinophil granulocyteNeutrophil granulocytePhagocyteWhite blood cell

Question 4: Austrian physician ________ found another important practical application of the agglutination reaction in 1900.
Otto LoewiKarl LandsteinerEdward Calvin KendallAlexander Fleming

Question 5: Landsteiner's agglutination tests and his discovery of ABO blood groups was the start of the science of ________ and serology which had made transfusion possible and safe.
Blood donationBlood transfusionTransfusion reactionIntraoperative blood salvage


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