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Agglutination: Quiz


Question 1: Japanese is also an agglutinating language, adding information such as negation, passive voice, past tense, ________ degree and causality in the verb form.
HonorificTelugu languageMister (Mr.)Tamil language

Question 2: Grammatical information expressed by ________ in Western Indo-European languages is typically found in suffixes.
NounPreposition and postpositionInfinitiveCopula (linguistics)

Question 3: In linguistics, agglutination is the morphological process of adding ________ to the base of a word.
SimulfixInflectionHalkomelem languageAffix

Question 4: All ________, including Kannada, Telugu, Malayalam and Tamil, are agglutinative.
Sino-Tibetan languagesUralic languagesBurushaskiDravidian languages

Question 5: ________ is a constructed auxiliary language with highly regular grammar and agglutinative word morphology.
EsperantoEsperanto grammarEsperantidoReformed Esperanto


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