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Age of consent: Quiz


Question 1: Reasonably believe that the victim is over the age of consent—in some jurisdictions, (such as ________[2]), it is a defence if the accused can show that he or she reasonably believed the victim was over the age of consent.
ScotlandEnglish lawUnited KingdomEngland and Wales

Question 2: [5][6] In ________ and Quebec provinces in Canada, this difference is declared unconstitutional by courts.
British ColumbiaManitobaOntarioAlberta

Question 3: Marriage—in those jurisdictions where the ________ is less than the age of consent.
Abortion lawMarriageable ageUnited StatesAnnual cannabis use by country

Question 4: Sexual relations with a person under the age of consent is in general a criminal offence, with punishments ranging from ________ up to the death penalty.
Alpha Phi OmegaScoutingUnited StatesCommunity service

Question 5: Where a jurisdiction's age of consent laws for sexual activity treat those convicted of those laws with the same severity as other forms of ________ the law is often referred to as statutory rape.
Sexual assaultRapeSexual abuseProstitution

Question 6: In the unlikely event of a minor engaging in sexual activity, under the ________, scientists and support staff stationed there may be subject to the laws of the country of which they are nationals.
Antarctic Treaty SystemVostok StationAntarcticaAmundsen-Scott South Pole Station

Question 7: Instead, sex is allowed with people who are sexually mature (see: ________).
Sexual differentiationPregnancyPubertyPrenatal development

Question 8: While the legality of adult ________ varies among different parts of the world, the prostitution of minors is illegal in most countries.
Sex and the lawProstitution by countryProstitutionSexual ethics

Question 9: Homosexual and heterosexual age discrepancies – some jurisdictions, such as The Bahamas, ________, Chile, Gibraltar, Greece, Guernsey, Paraguay and Suriname, have a higher age of consent for homosexual intercourse.
AnguillaBermudaCayman IslandsBritish Virgin Islands

Question 10: In females it means passing ________, the first menstrual bleeding.
Menstrual cycleMenarcheMenopauseOvulation

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