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Question 1: Cocolat: A dwarvish sweet made from rare tropical beans and milk (________?).
ChocolateCocoa beanHot chocolateTheobroma cacao

Question 2: For this reason, adult males' names are written with the second ________ capitalized, to represent adulthood.
Alveolar consonantConsonantVelar consonantPalatal consonant

Question 3: She later travels with a ________ as a fortune teller and wins favor with a dwarf ruler named Gobold Fangbreaker, the same dwarf responsible for the murder of her parents.
CircusUnited StatesContemporary circusCircus skills

Question 4: Dragons: Before their wings emerge, emphasis on a dragon's name is placed on the first ________.
Vowel lengthMora (linguistics)GeminationSyllable

Question 5: Age of Fire is a series of fantasy/adventure novels written by E. E. Knight, who is also known for writing the ________ series of novels.
ChicagoCaribbeanUnited StatesVampire Earth

Question 6: After being separated from Auron, and nearly drowning, she is rescued by a kind-hearted ________ named Rainfall who becomes an adoptive father to the orphan.
ElfYuleDwarfGermanic paganism

Question 7: The ________: A family of bats that assist The Copper in exchange for his blood, and his saving their lives.
Even-toed ungulateBatPrimateMammal

Question 8: The series follows the adventures of three ________ siblings.
Phoenix (mythology)UnicornSerpent (symbolism)Dragon

Question 9: Rugaard deals with ________ and hominids, and searches for his place in a world of treachery.
Political philosophyPolitical partyPoliticsIdeology

Question 10: Meeting with ________ and dwarves, he makes his way to a community of dragons in the Lavadome, where he is named Rugaard.
PrimateEven-toed ungulateBatMammal


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