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Age disparity in sexual relationships: Quiz


Question 1: Although the more common pattern in ________ couples is an older man with a younger woman, the proportion of the converse (older woman/younger man) has risen significantly in many countries.
BisexualityHeterosexualityHomosexualitySexual orientation

Question 2: In California, the term "San Quentin Quail," a reference to the state prison at ________, is used.
California State Prison, CorcoranCalifornia Men's ColonySan Quentin State PrisonFolsom State Prison

Question 3: Jailbait—a sexually attractive female who is below the legal ________.
Sex and the lawSexual abuseAge of consentProstitution

Question 4: Significant age disparity in sexual relationships has been and remains a feature of couples in many ________ and societies.
Human rightsCultureSlaveryFamily

Question 5: The 2007 film Cougar Club was dedicated to the subject and in Spring 2009 ________ aired a reality show called The Cougar.
MTV Tr3́sMTVNickelodeon (TV channel)TV Land

Question 6: The sitcom ________ explores the difficulty and stigma of many so-called "Cougars".
SerbiaCougar TownUnited StatesItaly

Question 7: In extreme cases, age disparity may be seen as dysfunctional (a ________) if such relationships are pursued to the exclusion of all others and to the detriment of the partners.
ParaphiliaBDSMSexual fetishismHuman sexuality

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