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Agaricomycetes: Quiz


Question 1: The class Agaricomycetes includes not only ________ but also most species placed in the old outdated taxa Gasteromycetes and Homobasidiomycetes.
MushroomYeastFungusEdible mushroom

Question 2: General discussions on the forms and life cycles of these fungi are developed in the article on ________, in the treatments of the various orders (links in table at right), and in individual species accounts.
YeastEdible mushroomFungusMushroom

Question 3: The Agaricomycetes include 17 orders, 100 families, 1147 genera, and 20951 ________.
Biological classificationLifeSpeciesEvolution

Question 4: However, some species are pathogenic or parasitic, and yet others are symbiotic, these including the important ________ symbionts of forest trees.


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