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Agamemnon: Quiz


Question 1:
What role did Lasse Pöysti play in the movie Agamemnon?
Argoksen vanhusten kuoron jäsen
Agamemnon, Argoksen kuningas
Kuoron johtaja

Question 2:
Agamemnon, Rani Lakshmibai and Revelstoke, British Columbia are all:
Greek mythological hero cult All pages needing cleanup Greek mythology Characters in the Iliad

Question 3:
Who played Aigisthos, Agamemnonin orpana the movie Agamemnon?
Lasse Pöysti
Paavo Pentikäinen
Matti Oravisto
Tauno Söder

Question 4: The ________ tells the story of the quarrel between Agamemnon and Achilles in the final year of the war.
OdysseyIliadTrojan WarOdysseus

Question 5: Another account makes him the son of Pleisthenes (the son or father of ________), who is said to have been Aerope's first husband.
AtreusAgamemnonPelopsGreek mythology

Question 6:
Who played Agamemnon, Argoksen kuningas the movie Agamemnon?
Kauko Helovirta
Paavo Pentikäinen
Tauno Söder
Matti Oravisto

Question 7: Agamemnon and Clytemnestra had four children: one son, Orestes, and three daughters, ________, Electra and Chrysothemis.
Trojan WarGreek mythologyIphigeniaHelen

Question 8:
Who played Argoksen vanhusten kuoron jäsen the movie Agamemnon?
Paavo Pentikäinen
Matti Oravisto
Seppo Kolehmainen
Tapio Hämäläinen

Question 9:
Who played Kuoron johtaja the movie Agamemnon?
Matti Oravisto
Tauno Söder
Lasse Pöysti
Seppo Kolehmainen

Question 10:
Agamemnon, Achilles and Trojan War are all:
Kings of Mycenae People of the Trojan War Characters in the Iliad Greek mythological hero cult

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