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Question 1:
Who played Daniel Two the telemovie Afterlife?
Nicholas Shaw
Adrian Lester
Rhodri Meilir
Andrew Lincoln

Question 2: After 25 years of parapsychological research, ________ came to the conclusion that there is no empirical evidence for an afterlife.
James RandiMichael ShermerSusan BlackmoreCharles Tart

Question 3:
What role did Joanna Horton play in the telemovie Afterlife?
Alison Mundy
Frankie Johnson

Question 4:
What role did Joe Anderson play in the telemovie Afterlife?
Josh Bridge
Chris Rabey
Barbara Sinyard

Question 5: Jehovah's Witnesses occasionally use the terms "afterlife" and "hereafter"[19] to refer to any hope for the dead, but they understand ________ 9:5 to preclude common views of afterlife:
EcclesiastesPsalms2 BaruchDeuterocanonical books

Question 6:
Who played Donald Bardo the telemovie Afterlife?
Adrian Lester
Steven Elder
Daniel Flynn
Joshua David-Kennedy

Question 7: Inside of Yima's realm, the ________ live a shadowy existence, and are dependent on their own descendants which are still living on Earth.

Question 8:
What role did Sarah-Jayne Steed play in the telemovie Afterlife?
Alison Mundy
Jude Bridge
Sheila Rabey

Question 9: A notable example is ________ who wrote some 18 theological works which describe in detail the nature of the afterlife according to his claimed spiritual experiences, the most famous of which is Heaven and Hell.
Immanuel KantGottfried LeibnizEmanuel SwedenborgSoul

Question 10:
Who played Frankie Johnson the telemovie Afterlife?
Rhian Grundy
Joanna Horton
Lesley Sharp
Anna Wilson-Jones

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