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Question 1: The experiment involves an axolotl, an amphibian expressing ________.

Question 2: ________, The Ancestor's Tale (2004)
The Selfish GeneRichard DawkinsIntelligent designThe God Delusion

Question 3: After Many a Summer (1939) is a novel by ________ which tells the story of a Hollywood millionaire fearing his impending death.
Antic HayBrave New WorldIsland (novel)Aldous Huxley

Question 4: These characters expose questions and answers depicting their various life philosophies until the climax in a ________.
SocratesPlatoSocratic dialogueSocratic method

Question 5: Dawkins sheds an illuminating light upon the story in 'The Axolotl's Tale', by referring to Aldous Huxley's older brother, the biologist ________.
J. B. S. HaldaneJulian HuxleyHuxley familyModern evolutionary synthesis

Question 6: The evolutionary principle of ________ (a phenomenon where adults retaining juvenile-like morphology or behaviour) has been invoked to explain the origin of human characteristics from ape ancestors.

Question 7: NBC University Theater radio adaptation December 12, 1948, starring Paul Henry and Alan Hale, Sr., with intermission commentary by ________
Hans KüngHomer A. JackNorman CousinsMarii Hasegawa

Question 8: Julian Huxley made some name for himself in the English speaking world by a biological experiment involving an ________.
AxolotlSalamanderSirenidaeTiger Salamander

Question 9: The book was awarded the 1939 ________ for fiction.
James Tait Black Memorial PrizeSalman RushdieJ. M. CoetzeeWilliam Golding


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