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Afro-Colombian: Quiz


Question 1: The Black African presence in ________ dates back to the Hispanic colonial period.
Valle del Cauca DepartmentQuindío DepartmentColombiaColombian armed conflict (1964–present)

Question 2: Blacks were forced to work in gold mines, on sugar cane ________, cattle ranches, and large haciendas.
AgriculturePlantationEnglandUnited States

Question 3: For example, several of Colombia's musical genres, such as ________, have African origins or influences.
PolkaCumbiaTango (dance)Bhangra

Question 4: Black African labor was essential in all the regions of ________, even until modern times.
Quindío DepartmentValle del Cauca DepartmentColombiaColombian armed conflict (1964–present)

Question 5: Black African slaves began being imported by the ________ in the first decade of the 16th century.
Spanish languageHispanophoneSpanish peopleSpain

Question 6: In eastern ________, near the cities of Vélez, Cúcuta, Socorro, and Tunja, Black Africans manufactured textiles in commercial mills.
Colombian armed conflict (1964–present)ColombiaValle del Cauca DepartmentQuindío Department

Question 7: ________ was not abolished until 1851, and even after emancipation, the life of the African Colombians was very difficult.
SlaveryUniversal suffrageAntisemitismRacism

Question 8: From 1851, the Colombian State promoted the ideology of ________, or miscegenation.
MestizoHispanic and Latino AmericansZamboMexican American

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