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Question 1: These Muslim slaves, known as Malê in Brazil, produced one of the greatest slave revolts in the Americas, when in 1835 they tried to take the control of ________.
Luis Eduardo MagalhaesUna, BahiaSalvador, BahiaFeira de Santana

Question 2: As an example, one thousand individuals from ________ city, Southern Brazil, and 760 from Natal city, Northeastern Brazil, were studied in relation to 12 and 8 genetic systems, respectively.
PelotasPorto AlegreSanta Maria, Rio Grande do SulCaxias do Sul

Question 3: The people from Congo had developed agriculture, raised ________, domesticated animals such as goat, pig, chicken and dog and produced sculpture in wood.
Domestic sheepCattleLivestockDomestication

Question 4: The Teixeira brothers were ________, however only Alan was considered to be Black, while his identical brother Alex was not.
Chimera (genetics)Monochorionic twinsMonoamniotic twinsTwin

Question 5: The blacks and brown earned on average 1.8 ________, while the whites had a yield of 3.4 minimum wages.
Living wageUnemploymentMinimum wageHealth insurance in the United States

Question 6: Predominantly Roman Catholic; ________, non-religious, Kardekist, Umbanda, Candomblé
BaptistChristianityProtestantismChristian denomination

Question 7: This was due to the low ________ of the slaves, which was around 7 years.
Maximum life spanLife expectancyLongevityLife extension

Question 8: Recently, the art has been popularized by the addition of Capoeira performed in various computer games and movies, and Capoeira music has been featured in modern pop music (see ________).
ABADÁ-CapoeiraGrupo Axé CapoeiraGrupo Capoeira BrasilCapoeira in popular culture

Question 9: ________
Demographics of BrazilList of Brazilians of Black African descentCulture of BrazilAfro-Brazilian

Question 10: The Clapham Sect, a group of Victorian ________ politicians, campaigned during most of the 19th century for England to use its influence and power to stop the traffic of slaves to Brazil[citation needed].
EvangelicalismProtestant ReformationChristianityEcumenism

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