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Afro-Arab: Quiz


Question 1: The major revolt is said to have been led by Ali ibn Muhammad, who claimed to be a descendent of Caliph ________.
SahabaAliIslamic schools and branchesShia Islam

Question 2: The Zanj Rebellions took place near the city of ________, located in southern Iraq over a period of fifteen years (869-883 AD).
IranBasraIran–Iraq WarBaghdad

Question 3: Afro-Arabs within the Middle East itself are for the most part descendants of Black African slaves who were brought there during the ________.
Islam and slaverySexual slaverySlaveryArab slave trade

Question 4: This intermingling of Arabs and Black African peoples from the African continent, along with the spread of ________, has resulted in large populations of African Arab peoples covering a vast area of Africa.
MosqueIslamIslamic schools and branchesMuslim history

Question 5: Mizmar (dance) is performed in the Hejaz region of ________
Papua New GuineaPakistanCyprusSaudi Arabia

Question 6: His most famous work is the Book of Animals, which provided the earliest description on the idea of a ________,[11] as well as the earliest description of the struggle for existence,[12] an evolutionary idea anticipating the theory of natural selection.
PredationFood chainCarnivoreHerbivore

Question 7: Specifically, he refers to ________'s explicitly secular approach to geography, which relied heavily on observational evidence, was not likely to omit slavery when it was clearly documented elsewhere.
SyriaAl-MasudiAl-FarabiArab people

Question 8: [1] There are communities of Afro-Arabs in ________, West Africa, North Africa and the Near East as well as, through recent migrations, Western Europe.
Southern AfricaKenyaEast AfricaSouth Asia

Question 9: One of the most famous Afro-Arabs of medieval Islamic times was the polymath ________ (781-868).
Al-KindiEarly Islamic philosophyAl-JahizAlhazen

Question 10: Afro-Arab (sometimes referred to as African Arab) can refer to people of mixed Black African and genealogical ________ ancestral heritage and/or linguistically and culturally Arabized Black Africans.
Palestinian peopleArab peopleIraqSyria

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