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African Economic Community: Quiz


Question 1: 1 The Arab Maghreb Union does not participate in the AEC so far, because of opposition by ________
United Arab EmiratesMoroccoJordanSaudi Arabia

Question 2: However, disagreements between the original founding members, Uganda, ________ and Tanzania, led to its collapse.

Question 3: Currently there are multiple ________ in Africa, also known as Regional Economic Communities (RECs), many of which have overlapping memberships.
SingaporeCyprusTrade blocFrance

Question 4: 1 not all members participating yet
2 telecommunications, transport and ________ - proposed
3 sensitive goods to be covered from 2012

Question 5: The RECs consist primarily of ________ and, in some cases, some political and military cooperation.
Trade blocCyprusSingaporeFrance

Question 6: While other powers, notably Germany and Portugal had colonies or spheres of influence in the Cape to Cairo trade zone contemplated, the primary benefactor of the Cape to Cairo union would have been the Great Britain and ________.
British EmpireInformal EmpireBarbadosNauru

Question 7: (to be completed in 2017) Establishing of a ________ and customs union in each regional bloc
Preferential trading areaFree trade areaSingle marketTrade bloc

Question 8: ________ (WAMZ)
Chairperson of the African UnionAfrican UnionOrganisation of African UnityEconomic Community of West African States

Question 9: The original Cape to Cairo idea in Cecil Rhodes' time and now under the AFTZ is a free trade zone spanning the whole continent from Cape Town in South Africa to ________ in Egypt.

Question 10: The African Economic Community (AEC) is an organization of ________ states establishing grounds for mutual economic development among the majority of African states.
InterpolAfrican UnionPan-African ParliamentEast African Federation


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