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Afonso II of Portugal: Quiz


Question 1: Afonso married Infanta Urraca of Castile, daughter of Alfonso VIII, ________, and Leonora of Aquitaine, in 1206.
List of Castilian monarchsList of Leonese monarchsList of Castilian consortsList of Aragonese monarchs

Question 2: Hitherto, his father Sancho I and his grandfather Afonso I, were mostly concerned with military issues either against the neighbouring ________ or against the Moorish lands in the south.
Kingdom of LeónCrown of CastileSpainKingdom of Castile

Question 3: After being excommunicated for his audacities by ________, Afonso II promised to make amends to the church, but he died in 1223 before making any serious attempts to do so.
Pope Honorius IVPope Honorius IIIPope Boniface VIIIPope Innocent III

Question 4: These were mainly concerned with private property, civil ________, and minting.
Deontological ethicsUtilitarianismPolitical philosophyJustice

Question 5: He was the second but eldest surviving son of Sancho I of Portugal by his wife, Dulce, Infanta of ________.

Question 6: Afonso also sent ambassadors to European kingdoms outside the ________ and began amiable commercial relations with most of them.
Iberian PeninsulaSpainPrehistoric IberiaHispania

Question 7: With Portugal's position as a country firmly established, Afonso II endeavoured to weaken the power of the clergy and to apply a portion of the enormous revenues of the ________ to purposes of national utility.
Catholic ChurchPope John Paul IIPope Gregory IPope

Question 8: This article incorporates text from the Encyclopædia Britannica, Eleventh Edition, a publication now in the ________.
Public domainCopyright infringementCopyrightIntellectual property


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