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Afikoman: Quiz


Question 1: According to halakha, the afikoman must be consumed before midnight, just as the Korban Pesach was eaten before midnight during the days of the ________.
Jewish holidayYemenite JewsTemple in JerusalemChristianity and Judaism

Question 2: Midrash Pliah says that ________ told Esau, "Your brother came with trickery" (Genesis 27:35), adding, "and he took out the afikoman." According to the Midrash, this account took place on Passover.
AbrahamEnoch (Biblical figure)JacobIsaac

Question 3: The Greek word on which afikoman is based has two meanings, according to the ________ and the Jerusalem Talmud.
Rabbinic literatureTalmudJewish philosophyMidrash

Question 4: [3] Rav Menashe Klein, the Ungvar Rebbe, says that this custom is a re-enactment of the biblical account of Jacob stealing the blessings that were supposed to go to his brother ________.

Question 5: Based on the Mishnah in Pesahim 119a, the afikoman is a substitute for the ________, which was the last thing eaten at the Passover Seder during the eras of the First and Second Temples and during the period of the Mishkan.
Korban PesachMatzoChametzPesach Sheni

Question 6: The ________ prescribes that an olive-sized piece of matzo be eaten to fulfill the mitzvah of eating the afikoman.
Orthodox JudaismHasidic JudaismHaredi JudaismHalakha

Question 7: The first piece of matzo commemorates the ________ (Paschal lamb), whose meat was eaten at the very end of the festive Seder meal in the days that the Temple in Jerusalem stood.
Passover SederPassoverPesach SheniKorban Pesach

Question 8: According to Mekor Chaim - Chavos Yair, this custom demonstrates our love for the ________ of afikoman.
TzitzitMitzvahJewish holidayUpsherin


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