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Question 1:
When was Afghanistan established?
October, 1991
October 1909.
October 1747
October 1859

Question 2:
The population density of Afghanistan: How many people are there per square kilometre?

Question 3: Both are Indo-European languages from the ________ sub-family, and the official languages of the country.
Iranian languagesOssetic languagePersian languageKurdish language

Question 4:
What is the currency of Afghanistan?

Question 5: The country is being rebuilt slowly with support from the international community and dealing with a strong ________.
Taliban insurgencyWar in Afghanistan (2001–present)Operation Anaconda2008 Indian embassy bombing in Kabul

Question 6:
What is the national anthem of Afghanistan?
Milli Surood
"Long live the King"
Mazurek Du0105browskiego
"National Anthem of Peru"

Question 7: The ancient Zoroastrianism religion is believed to have originated in what is now Afghanistan between 1800 to 800 BC, as Zoroaster lived and died in ________.
KunduzKushan EmpireBalkhHephthalite

Question 8: During the first century, the Parthian Empire subjugated Afghanistan, but lost it to their ________ vassals.
Indo-ScythiansIndo-Parthian KingdomKushan EmpireIndo-Greeks

Question 9: On December 1, 2009, U.S. President ________ announced that he would escalate U.S.
2008 Democratic National Convention2004 Democratic National ConventionBarack ObamaJohn Edwards

Question 10: ________ is the national airlines carrier, with domestic flights between Kabul, Kandahar, Herat and Mazar-e Sharif.
Pamir AirwaysAfghanistanAriana Afghan AirlinesPan American World Airways

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