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Affricate consonant: Quiz


Question 1: ________ [d̠ʒ] (English "j" or "soft g")
Voiced postalveolar fricativeVoiceless postalveolar affricateVoiced postalveolar affricateVoiceless postalveolar fricative

Question 2: The acoustic difference between affricates and stop+fricative sequences is rate of ________ increase of the frication noise, which is known as the rise time.
Crest factorMeasuring instrumentAmplitudeWave

Question 3: ________ [ts] (in Italian, German, Hungarian, Lombard, Mayan K'iche', Japanese)
Voiceless velar plosiveVoiceless labiodental fricativePalatal approximantVoiceless alveolar affricate

Question 4: Here /t/ debuccalizes to a ________ before /ʃ/ in many dialects, making it phonetically distinct from /t͡ʃ/.
Palatal approximantVoiceless glottal fricativeVelar nasalGlottal stop

Question 5: Stop-fricative sequences may also have a ________ boundary between the two segments, but this is not necessary.
Mora (linguistics)SyllableVowel lengthGemination

Question 6: Though they are no longer standard IPA, ligatures are available in ________ for the six common affricates [ʦ], [ʣ], [ʧ], [ʤ], [ʨ], and [ʥ].
UnicodeUniversal Character SetHan unificationUTF-8

Question 7: ________ [t̠ʃ] (in English, Spanish, Italian)
Voiced postalveolar fricativeVoiceless postalveolar fricativeVoiced postalveolar affricateVoiceless postalveolar affricate

Question 8: Voiced palatal affricate [ɟʝ] (in Skolt Sami, Hungarian, some Spanish dialects) not reported to contrast with a ________ [ɟ])
Voiceless palatal plosiveVoiced palatal plosivePalatal approximantVoiceless postalveolar fricative

Question 9: Labialized, ________, velarized, and pharyngealized affricates also occur.
PalatalizationConsonant mutationTone (linguistics)Epenthesis

Question 10: Worldwide, only a few languages have affricates in these positions, even though the corresponding ________ are virtually universal.
Nasal consonantStop consonantFlap consonantEjective consonant


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