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Affero General Public License: Quiz


Question 1: In 2000, while developing an e-learning and e-service business model, Henry Poole met with ________ in Amsterdam where they discussed the ASP loophole in GPLv2.
Richard StallmanGNU ProjectGNU/Linux naming controversyRevolution OS

Question 2: The ________ has recommended that the GNU AGPLv3 be considered for any software that will commonly be run over a network.
Digital rights managementFree software movementFree Software FoundationCopyleft

Question 3: published the original Affero General Public License (AGPLv1) for use with the Affero project and made the new license available for use by other ________ developers.
Service-oriented architectureEverything as a serviceCloud computingSoftware as a service

Question 4: Each version differs from the version of the GNU GPL on which it is based in having an additional provision addressing use of software over a ________.
TelecommunicationComputer networkingInternetVirtual private network

Question 5: At that time, Poole contacted ________ and Eben Moglen of the Free Software Foundation to get advice on a new license that would close the ASP loophole in GPLv2.
Revolution OSBradley M. KuhnBenjamin Mako HillGNU Project

Question 6: The Affero General Public License, often abbreviated as Affero GPL and AGPL (and sometimes informally called the Affero license), refers to two distinct, though historically related, ________:
CopyleftOpen-source softwareDigital rights managementFree software licence

Question 7: The additional provision requires that the complete source code be made available to any network user of the AGPL-licensed work, typically a ________.
ASP.NETWeb applicationAdobe FlashWeb 2.0

Question 8: [2] The Open Source Initiative approved the GNU AGPLv3[3] as an ________ license in March 2008 after Funambol submitted it for consideration.
LinuxOpen-source softwareFree softwareOpen source

Question 9: Both versions of the AGPL were designed to close a perceived application service provider "loophole" (the "ASP loophole") in the ordinary GPL, whereby using but not distributing the software, the ________ provisions are not triggered.
Free Software FoundationOpen-source softwareFree software licenceCopyleft


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