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Affect display: Quiz


Question 1: Many aspects of the expressions vary between and within ________ and are displayed in various forms ranging from the most discreet of facial expressions to the most dramatic and prolific gestures (Batson, 1992).
FamilySlaveryCultureHuman rights

Question 2: Affect display is also a critical facet of ________ in the social domain.
CommunicationSocial sciencesMicrobiologyScientific method

Question 3: Thus, temperament, cognitive development, ________ patterns, and the idiosyncrasies of one's family or subculture are mutually interactive in non-linear ways.
SocializationSociologyCriminologySocial constructionism

Question 4: Feelings are the result of affect, arousal, cognition, and ________ in the present moment and within the social environment for human beings.
Georg Wilhelm Friedrich HegelArthur SchopenhauerImmanuel KantPerception

Question 5: Research has indicated many differences in affective displays due to ________.
Third genderGender roleGenderIntersexuality

Question 6: In ________, affect display or affective display is a subject's externally displayed affect.
NeuropsychologyPsychologyCognitive neuroscienceSigmund Freud


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