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Question 1: Some later legends ascribe the creature's death to King Arthur or to Percival (Peredur's name in the later ________ of the continent and England).
King ArthurHistorical basis for King ArthurKing Arthur's familyKing Arthur's messianic return

Question 2: The Afanc (Welsh, pronounced with f as in English v, sometimes also called Addanc) is a lake monster from ________.
BranwenKing ArthurMabinogionWelsh mythology

Question 3: It was finally dragged away to the lake Cwm Ffynnon, or killed by ________.
King ArthurHen OgleddPeredurTaliesin

Question 4: Its exact description varies; it is described alternately as resembling a crocodile, ________ or dwarf-like creature, and is sometimes said to be a demon.
European BeaverNorth American BeaverGerman languageBeaver

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