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Aesti: Quiz


Question 1: Tacitus did not know whether to assign the nearby Fenni to Germania or ________ (which extended as far west as the Vistula in places).
ScythiansSlavic peoplesIranian peoplesSarmatians

Question 2: The Aesti (or Aestii) were a people described by the Roman historian ________ in his treatise Germania (ca.
Roman EmpireTacitusVespasianDomitian

Question 3: [4][5] That Wulfstan's Aestii probably were not identical with the modern-day ________ derives from the locatisaton near the Vistula.
EstoniansSwedenBaltic statesLatvia

Question 4: The Baltic amber trade, which appears to have extended to the ________, has been traced by archaeologists back to the Nordic Bronze Age; its major center was located in the region of Sambia.
Indian OceanMediterranean SeaPacific OceanAtlantic Ocean

Question 5: In a 11th century manuscript of King Alfred's account of the voyage from Hedeby to Truso by Wulfstan, held by the ________, includes ethnographic information on the medieval Aestii.
British MuseumImperial War MuseumVictoria and Albert MuseumNational Gallery (London)

Question 6: [3] In spite of these points, the Aestii are generally considered the ancestors of the later ________.
Slavic peoplesKurgan hypothesisBaltic languagesBalts

Question 7: [1] According to this account, the Aestii lived on the shore of the Suebian Sea (________), eastward of the Suiones (Scandinavians) and westward of the Sitones.
North SeaArctic OceanBlack SeaBaltic Sea

Question 8: The placement of the Tacitean Aestii is based primarily on their association with amber, a popular luxury item during the life of Tacitus, with known sources at the southeastern coast of the ________.
Baltic SeaNorth SeaBlack SeaArctic Ocean

Question 9: It is speculated that name survived as specifically Estonians and is the origin of the modern national name of ________: Eesti in Estonian, Eistland in ancient Scandinavian sagas, and Estia, Hestia and Estonia in early Latin sources.

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